Would You Like to Get Financial Independence From Trading?

Would You Like to Get Financial Independence From Trading?

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Let’s make this post for discussion and sharing your ideas, thoughts, and experience if you have, how to get financial independence from trading. Please, be active and take part in the discussion.

Several days ago I posted polls in my social media to see, what do you think about financial independence. The main question was: “Would you like to get financial independence from trading?” with two options “YES” and “NO”. And I was a little bit surprised by results.
One audience replied like this:
87% – YES
13% – NO

Another audience replied like this:
84% – YES
16% – NO

So, I was surprised by 13% and 16% numbers. From my point of view, financial independence = Freedom. You can do what you want, spend your time as you want and be independent. You want to spend more time with your family – you can do this having financial independence! You want to travel – you can do it! You want to focus on your hobby – why not!

Trading in the financial market allows to get financial independence much faster and with fewer efforts if compare it with real business – mainly.

I respect all opinions, and if you think that you don’t want to get financial independence, I will be very interested in understanding your position. Why don’t you need this?

Let’s discuss it and also let’s consider what do you need to do for reaching financial independence from your point of view. Please, share your ideas in comments!
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