What Do You Want?

What Do You Want?

Bitcoin / Dollar


Hello dear followers and the members of TradingView.

As Bitcoin             continues the sideway movement and it’s boring without any good trading opportunities, I think we can use this time for better understanding each other.

If you read these words, please let me ask you to share your ideas about the question in the title. You came to TradingView and spent some time here reading, writing comments, sharing your thoughts. It means at least you have some interest to the financial markets. But what are your main goals here and in the financial markets? WHAT DO YOU WANT?

I want to be sure that a part of the TradingView members are hungry for knowledge and they use this platform for getting new ideas of how to trade and to get experience from traders with good background. It’s very nice and the platform allows you to become a better trader, grow your skills in Technical Analysis , Fundamental Analysis and some other fields which are important for profitable trading.
However, there is also another part of the members who like to do things in a wrong way. For example, they are not interested in getting new knowledge or to share experience, but prefer to follow any trading recommendations blindly.
Is it good?
For “the legends”, of course this audience is more important.
Because in such a way they can provide low quality content under clickbate titles and call themselves “technical analyst”, “gurus” and “legends of crypto trading” and grow their reputation easily. Of course, it’s their choice and such behavior is possible in a community where the level of knowledge is predominantly basic.
For this audience, the predators can share any low quality content and as a result push people towards the wrong way of handling their capital. It’s possible to do so and provide the supply of low quality content because the community has the demand for becoming rich in the most simple way and very quickly.
But why do YOU orient youself to this field, the territory of fairytails, sweet dreams, fast success without any ability for reaching it?
Why do you want to “eat” this low quality stuff and follow the wrong direction?
WHAT DO YOU WANT from trading in the financial markets? Do you want to consider it as a game? Do you want to consider it as your new business providing your full time income? Or do you want just to get into trading or investing in order to get some additional income?

Why am I asking you about it?
For me, it is really interesting to understand better what are your goals in trading.
I can see a lot of examples of how people don’t know how to trade. It’s easy to understand:
They establish a goal, and try to follow it. But then, they use the wrong tool for it, the wrong strategy, the wrong way of combining indicators which can be suitable but not for your goal, it is suitable for another situation, or a different goals. Each method of reading/using the financial market, like in the example above, needs a special edge and certain steps for reaching success. It’s not a one size fits all.
We can talk about it in more details, but firstly, let’s make it clear: WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM TRADING?
Please, share your goals, ideas and thoughts below in comments. Let’s make open discussion.
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