Crypto Trading Platforms

In short, crypto trading platforms are websites that connect cryptocurrency buyers and sellers and take a fee from each transaction.


Coinbase is one on the oldest cryptocurrencies trade places. They are based in San Francisco, California. Coinbase accepts Credit Cards, SEPA and bitcoin deposits. Coinbase was first to receive US regulatory approval. As a result, Coinbase has AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) practices much like any bank. You’ll have to provide a lot of personally-identifying information if you wish to avail yourself of Coinbase’s service. Coinbase supports 5 most popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. More, including Monero and Dash, will be added soon. Unfortunately they don’t offer many deposit methods, it’s only ACH Transfer Free, Wire Transfer, Credit Card or Crytocurrency transfer.
Reputation: 5/5
Fees: 4/5
Payment Methods : 2/5
Verification Requirements: 5/5
Geographical Restrictions: 3/5
Exchange Rate: 3/5


Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange with a focus on the China. They have a solid team and a few advantages. Trading fee is quite low – 0.1%. Withdrawal fees are depending from currency, for example for Bitcoin it’s 0.0005 BTC, for Ethereum – 0.005 ETH, for Litcoin – 0.001 LTC and for Neo it’s free. Deposit fee is free.

Reputation: 5/5
Fees: 5/5
Payment Methods : 3/5
Verification Requirements: 5/5
Geographical Restrictions: 4/5
Exchange Rate: 4/5