Top Crypto Trading Bots

Here is list of best crypto trading bots for 2018. Our crypto bots review includes the pros, cons, features and pricing for you to choose if its the proper crytpo trading bot for you.

  1. Cryptotrader – . Mid-core bot, having integration with 20+ most popular exchanges and 100+ cryptocurrency pairs in total. There are 4 free strategies and ±40 paid. Subscription costs from 0.005 BTC to 0.065 BTC per month. Cryptotrader is browser based solution. Strategies scripts there are written on CoffeScript. You can test your own stragegy on the Cryptotrader’s backtest networks, seeing how your strategy deals with different market conditions.
  2. ZenBot is open source bot, where you can edit your strategy code. It’s quite hardcore bot and I cannot recommend it for newcomers. It supports GDAX, Binance, Kraken and Bitfinex.
  3. CryptoHopper is one of leading crypto trading bots  with intuitive design, external signals and backtesting. Some of strategies there are not free of charge. Crypto bot have integration with Bittrex, Kraken, Poloniex and GDAX. Subscription there is from 20$ to 100$.