Rontgen Investment Platform Review

Röntgen is a crowdinvesting platform where retail investors can invest in premium real estate projects that before were accessable only to a narow circle of high net worth individuals. We ourselves work in real estate industry and know that when evaluating projects one should go far beyond loan-to-value ratios and perform aditional stress tests, market research, evaluate developers experience, project location, market conditions, business plan assumptions and much more. Also, all of the opportunities are secured with first rank mortgage and tipicaly have access to bank financing, however due to more flexible terms choose to work with private investors. We prefer quality over quantity and offer retail investors a platform that perform bank-grade due diligence and present only exclusive investment opportunities.

Röntgen ir regulated by Bank of Lithuania (EU) and working according to Lithuanian law on crowdfunding. Company is founded by butique real estate development firm and was rescently acquired by Newsec Baltics – leading Northern Europe full-service real estate property house.

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Investments are accepted from EU registered bank accounts only. Investors can be only EU residents (or companies registered in EU) Investments are accepted from both private investors and companies. Affiliate bonus is paidout after investment is made and loan is fully financed. 

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