My New Plan for TradingView Work!

My New Plan for TradingView Work!

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Hello dear members of TradingView.

As the crypto markets have been preparing to new movements, and the traditional markets are good for different trading opportunities, I decided to share with you my ideas how to improve the content on my posts and be more interesting for you. Also, from my previous post «What Do You Want?» I read in comments that you would like to get knowledge how to trade in the financial markets and it’s really great! I would like to support your wishes and start providing more educational stuff even in basic format. But these main ideas will help you to move in right directions. For advanced             knowledge we will need another formats for communication as it’s not simple to realise it on TradingView. If you need more knowledge and you want to become profitable trader faster, you know how and where to reach me. So, let’s make it clear which stuff you should expect here.

– Market Overviews where I will share my view on different markets included Forex, Commodities , Stocks, Crypto. Mainly it will be in the video format with short summary below posts.

– «How to …» it will be a new part of content here where I will provide simple replies on many questions about trading and investing.

«How to Become a Profitable Trader»
«How to Avoid Stress in Trading»
«How to Make 1 000 000USD in Trading»

Here is just an example of possible topics which I can prepare for you. Are they interesting? If yes, I will put them in my list and start my work. But, I guess you also have a lot of interesting questions «How to…». It will be great to provide the answers to those questions! Don’t you think so? If yes, please share your questions in the comments. The most interesting questions will be replied much faster. So, please support such questions by clicking on «AGREE» in comments. Please, don’t be shy! Be active!

– The most interesting trading signal every week! Or may be 2 )
Why I don’t provide more trading signals here for free.
There are several reasons:
The main one is – TradingView is overload by trading ideas from gurus, legends and other cool traders. So, adding more value in this apple             pie, I’m not sure it’s good idea.
Secondly, following trading ideas blindly won’t make you rich. But knowledge and experience will be the right things for this. So, I would like to focus more on sharing my knowledge and experience and if you can get knowledge by yourself from different sources, my experience will be only mine. Who else can explain you in details how to blow up any capital very fast? Yes, only me 🙂

Another reason is – I have to divide free content with premium content as other authors do. So, if TradingView is good for such free type of content, I will also follow this rule.

– Trade Examples – interesting trades based on the past performance. I will use different trading strategies, timeframes, markets for sharing with you interesting setups. TA is cool because setups are repeated time by time and if you are a good and responsible trader, you will get ideas how to trade such setups. This part of content will also be done in video format with summary. Why video again? Because it’s the best way to explain details without typing a lot of words. You can think that I’m too lazy or may be too busy for this. Maybe I am both.

– How Much Money Could You Earn In the previous Week?
Here I will show you possible trading results which can be reached if you followed rules of proper trading. I will use my trading strategies for different markets, based on different time frames. You will be able to see a possible profit or may be drawdown based on weeks and months. I hope it will be a good motivation for you to start learning the theory and getting experience. Also it will break all fairy tails with supper profit from Crypto markets. You will see relevant targets for profit, possible size of drawdowns when you trade using profitable trading strategies. I hope it will be also interesting for you.

So, here are 5 topics of the stuff which you will be able to got on my page. It looks like I promised too many posts and now I really have no exact ideas how to realise this plan 🙂

But I will try. I will do my best for providing you with stable content every week. I hope it will give you better understanding what is it – “Trading in the financial markets”.

Please, share your comments what do you think about it. May be you have ideas about more topics? May be I need to improve something? I will read all the comments and make notes.

Also, as it will take my free time and you will get free content, in return I will ask only for your comments, following and LIKES. I hope for you it’s a relevant price, if you guys are not interested in this, I will also have no motivation to continue, so I hope to see you being active.

I hope that I did not break House Rules in this post and kind moderators won’t ban me. I just used the same style as other authors and I believe TradingView does not have double standards 🙂

So, have a nice day, an amazing week and profitable trades!

P.S. Anybody knows a very good book about Time Management? I will be grateful for a such advice.
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