Monestro – Ambitious Peer to Peer Lending Platform

monestro p2p lending Monestro is a young and ambitious Peer to Peer lending platform, operating under the license from the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority since 19.09.2016 as a credit intermediary. Loans are available for Estonian customers, investing is available for EU countries plus Switzerland, Luxemburg Norway. The team is not big but experienced. Partners have more then 20 years of experience in Banking and finance. Monestro vision is to become a modern marketplace making investing and getting financed affordable and simple. 

Why Monestro? 

  • Several secured controls make sure the credit rating is given correctly. Customers’ payment history is analyzed by using data available in creditinfo registers, so the ones with active payment defaults are not allowed to the loan auction. Past payment defaults are shown on the loan auction for the investors. Incomes are checked through the pension registry data, expenses are compared manually with the 6 months bank account statement. And also bankruptcy or bailiff data is checked. 
  • You don’t have to be rich to start with investing – the minimum investment amount is 10 euros. At the same time it is possible to diversify the investment portfolio and minimise the risk. 
  • Investing is made as easy as possible with the automated investment tool called Autoinvest. It allows to configure many parameters in Autoinvest – select age range, gender, country, loan period, income verification level, risk reward combination etc.

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