Kuetzal Review and Promocode

Kuetzal is a lending crowdfunding platform registered in Tallinn, Estonia. We provide opportunities to attract funds for European businesses and start-ups. Investors may earn up to 21%.  Kuetzal in now available on 3 languages: English, German and Spanish.

What is Kuetzal Care?

Secured investments mainly supported by unique tool «Kuetzal Care» which allows to start receiving interest immediately after investment is made. Kuetzal Care guarantees a certain project will eventually be funded, no matter how much funds investor on Kuetzal have invested. If the project doesn’t reach the goal, Kuetzal involves it’s own funds to cover the gap between invested amount and targeted amount. Kuetzal has agreements with authoritative investment funds, banks, and private investors which are ready to get involved in Kuetzal projects at any moment. This creates additional warranty that every project will eventually be funded on targeted amount.

How much should i pay for using Kuetzal?

Kuetzal is not taking any fees for investors. Projects mostly cover: Real estate, transport, medical care, technological progress, food industry, goods production.

Kuetzal promocode

SPRING2019 – using this promocode while registering investors receive 10€ to their account instantly from Kuetzal. Promocode will work only till the end of May 2019.

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