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CROWDESTATE is Estonia based crowdfunding platform and primarily connects real estate developers with investors worldwide.

Have you ever thought about investing in real estate, but lack of experience, time and capital has been stopping you? Crowdestate is revolutionizing real estate investing and makes it accessible to everyone.

You’ve always wanted to invest in real estate, but in the capital, experience, and time is not enough? Crowdestate real estate investment makes it easy and accessible to everyone who wants one.

In a few months, Crowdestate will be five years old and our investor community includes over 25 000 international investors thanks to whom we have funded over 100 projects and raised more than 50 mil eur. 


Real estate investing is no longer limited to only wealthy people. Crowdfunding opens real estate investment opportunities for everyone!

Crowdestate’s minimal investment amount is 100 eur and we don’t have any fees to our investors.

You can start investing here.

Now lets take a look on one of CROWDESTATE investment projects.

Nord Company

The prebooking period is over and this investment opportunity is now open for all investors. 

Nord  Company OÜ, previously OÜ Northern Dredging Company  was established in 2011.

Main business activities of Nord Company OÜ are hydro technical construction, dredging works, marine eco-projects, maritime business management, ship repair, ship brokerage and survey projects.There are several good reasons to participate in funding our “Nord Company” investment opportunity:

  • A company with long track record and experience in the field.
  • The taken loan and the growth in the forecasted business volumes are in proportion.
  • Attractive return – 16.0% per annum.
  • Value of collateral covering the loan amount 1.4x.
  • Half-yearly principal payments.

Total investment amount available for Crowdestate’s investors is 1050000 €.
Investment horizon is 18 months. 
Expected annual return is 16%.

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