Bitcoin You Should Be Ready for Breakout

Bitcoin You Should Be Ready for Breakout

Bitcoin / Dollar


The price has been moving in a range since the end of the December. DMI confirms range market conditions. The same goes about MACD and Moving Averages with different periods. Bollinger Bands also become narrow. All these signals tell that the market will breakout from the range. It’s the question of time.

Will it be a breakout upward with further movement to the previous highs at 4200.00 or 4400.00 levels? Or it will be a breakout downward with further falling to the previous lows at 3200.00 level? We will see when the price makes the 1st strong attempt to move from the range.

But in both cases the breakout will give a trading opportunity. With buying it will be simple to realize the signal and a part of trade volume can be left for long run. For selling, it will be more complicated to realize this signal and also shorting at the possible bottom is not a good idea. But still, the market is going to give the good trading opportuntiy which can be used for making some profit.
Source: TW DLavrov

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