A Simple Trading Setup – 3 Rules.

A Simple Trading Setup – 3 Rules.

Ripple / Dollar


Hi traders!

Here is an educational post for a trading setup that works on all time-frames (works really well!).
The two methods you can trade this setup is:

1. Before a breakout: Once you have at least 3 points ( support and resistance ) levels marked, you may enter a long trade and have the stop loss placed on the first support marked. So for the case above, support 1 will be your stop loss.

2. After a breakout: Once you have a breakout, place your stop loss if the last support breaks (marked as 4 in the above chart).

Let me know if you have any questions.
It would be great if I can see some of your examples 🙂

Regards, Abdulla
Source: TV AAlFadhala

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